BetterShield FaceShield


Bettershild FaceShield

BetterShield Face Shield
BetterShield is a Full Face Shield that is designed to provide improved protection even on the sides and bottom of the face. The BetterShield provides optimum coverage against airborne pathogens, and provides the widest range of
coverage for the healthcare worker protecting them against high level diseases.
The BetterShield can be used together with an N95 mask and glasses or goggles if required.
» True Anti-fog film,
» Distortion-free optics,
» Secure fit with one size fits all,
» Easy adjustability,
» Airflow & ventilation,
» With a 3D curved design.
» Improved thickness – moved from a 1.0mm thickness to a 1.2mm thickness - still light and flexible
» The application of the antifog is part of the material of the shield – so the shields are VERY clear, and fog much less!
» Moved from glue tabs for the elastic, to stapled elastic for reinforced strength
» Meets the following international standards :  EN 166:2001  & ANSI/ISEA Z87.1
» Lastly, although the BetterShield has been sold as a single use disposable, with all these improvements, we find the useful life of the BetterShield to be longer and reusable in some instances.

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