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»Seca Baby Scales Baby Scales
»Seca Baby Measuring Mat Baby Measuring Mat
»Seca Electrical Column Scales Column Scales
»Seca Wireless Measuring Station Measuring Station
»Seca Mobile Measuring Station Mobile Measuring Station
»Seca Platfrom and Wheelchair Electronic Scales Mobile Measuring Station
»Seca Flat Scales Mobile Measuring Station
»Seca Height Measures Mobile Measuring Station
»Seca Chair Scales Mobile Measuring Station

Seca Baby Electronic Scales
Seca Baby Electronic Scales small 

The Seca 334 Baby Scale is designed as a reliable portable baby scale with a integrating weighing tray larger and more comfortable than other models.

The Seca 354 Baby Scale is designed as a dual function portable baby / child scale. At a touch of a button, the tray can be detached quickly and easily from the base leaving you with robust flat scales for children weighing up to 20 kg. As the two elements are securely connected with one another, it is absolutely safe to lift and transport the scales.

The Seca 374 Baby Scale is designed as a dual function portable baby / child scale with extra large weighing tray. Seca 374 is also compatible with Seca 360 wireless system - allowing measurements to be sent wireless to the seca wireless printer or to seca analytics 115 on your PC.

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Seca 334 Seca 354 Seca 374    
Capacity and Graduation 20kg - 5gm up to 10kg and 10gm for 10kg plus 20kg - 10gm up to 10kg and 20gm for 10kg plus 20kg - 5gm up to 10kg and 10gm for
10kg plus
Functions Automatic switch-off, TARE, Auto-HOLD, BMI Function Breast Milk Intake, TARE, Auto-HOLD and BMI Function TARE, Breast Milk Intake Function,
auto-HOLD, auto-CLEAR, damping,
automatic switch-off, SEND/PRINT
Weight and Dimensions 2.8kg - 63.8 x 30 x 10.5cm 2.3kg - 55.2 x 33.2 x 15.6cm 3.6kg - 62 x 35.8 x 19cm    
Power Supply Batteries Batteries Batteries    
Options Seca 447 Power Adaptor, Seca 232 Measuring Rod and Seca 428 Carrying Case Seca 413 Carrying Case Seca 447 Power Adaptor, Seca 233 Measuring Rod, Seca 418 Head
and Foot Positioners and Seca 360 compatible


PN334 Baby Scale - Seca 334 Electronic 20kg (Each) PN354 Baby Scale - Seca 354 Electronic 20kg (Each)
PN374 Baby Scale - Seca 374 Electronic 20kg (Each)
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Seca Baby Measuring Mat
 SECA 210 baby measuring mat

The Seca 210 Measuring Mat is kind to the skin, washable and foldable. The light weight, space-saving solution for easy, precise measurement of the length of babies and toddlers while lying down. The fixed head piece and the easy to slide foot positioner make it simple to use.
Measuring range: 10 to 99cm
Weight: 580g
The seca 210 is well-suited for hospitals and clinics, particularly paediatrics, medical practices and midwives.

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PN210 Baby Measuring Mat - Seca 210 10-99cm (Each)
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Seca Electrical Column Scales
SECA 703 Electronic column scale 

The Seca 703 Column Scale is extremely robust, precise and stable with a capacity of 300 kg, a large but low platform and the integrated, automatic BMI function, these column scales have the prerequisites for the diagnosis and therapy of heavyweight patients.
The scales can be fitted with the optional measuring rod Seca 220.

Capacity and Graduation: 300kg with 100g graduation
Functions: TARE, pre-TARE, mother/child function, HOLD, auto-HOLD, BMI, auto-CLEAR, damping, Automatic Switch-off, SEND/PRINT
Weight: 15.2kg includes transport castors
Seca 360 Compatible
LCD Display: Large and easy to use.
Platform Dimensions (W x D x H): 33.5 x 34.5 x 8cm
Overall Dimensions: 36 x 52 x 93cm
Battery operated plus option for mains adaptor (Seca 447)

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PN703 Column Scale - Seca 703 300kg Electronic (Each) PN220 Option - Seca 220 Measuring Rod (Each)
PN447 Option - Seca 447 Power adaptor for Seca Scales (Each)
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Seca Wireless Measuring Station
seca 284 height scale

The wireless measuring station Seca 284 measures and weighs in 1 step. This measuring station has a scale with capacity of 300kg (50g graduation) and a height measuring range of 30-220cm (1mm graduation). Multi-function touch display enables to the features on the measuring station, a second display is on the height measure.

Scale Functions: TARE, Pre-TARE, Mother/Child Function, HOLD, auto-HOLD, auto-BMI, CLEAR, auto-CLEAR, auto weighing range switch-over, dampening and SEND/PRINT.
Height Measure Functions: HOLD, auto switch-off, user-defined zero setting and SEND/PRINT.

Both Scale and Height Measure are RS232 compatible and can wireless send result via Seca 360 system.

Power Supply - Power Adaptor and Batteries.

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PN284 Measuring Station - Seca 284 300kg and 30-220cm Electronic Wireless (Each)    
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Seca Mobile Measuring Station

The Seca 254 Mobile Measuring Systems integrated a Electronic Flat Scales with 200kg capacity (graduation 50gm up to 150kg and than 10gm), stadiometer with height range of 20-205cm, Adaptor Element to connect scale and stadiometer plus a carry case.
Scale Functions: mother/child function, auto-HOLD and automatic switch-off

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PN254 Measuring Station - Seca 254 200kg and 20-205cm (Each) 
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Seca Platform and Wheelchair Electronic Scales
Platform Wheelchair scales small 

The range of platform scales below have the same scale but with different features such as handrails and ramps for wheelchairs.
The common characteristics of this range of scales are:
Capacity: 360kg and 50gm graduation
Platform Dimension (W x D x H): 60 x 60 x 4.5cm
Functions: TARE, Pre-TARE, HOLD, auto-HOLD, auto-CLEAR, BMI, damping, RESET, automatic switch-off, SEND/PRINT
Seca 360 Wireless Compatible

The Seca 634 Electronic Platform Bariatric Scale - Cable remote display with 2.5m cable can be held, wall mounted or placed on desktop. Operates from batteries but is available with optional Seca 447 Power Adaptor.

The Seca 676 Electronic Wheelchair Scale - includes 2 integrated ranges and handrail with connected display. Operates from power adaptor.

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PN634 Platform Scale - Seca 634 Electronic 360kg (Each)  PN676  Wheelchair Scale - Seca 676 Electronic 360kg (Each)
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Seca Flat Scales
Seca flat Scales small 

The Seca 813 Floor Electronic Scale has designed with a wide, low platform and non-slip dimpled mat. Making the Seca 813 easy and safe to mount also for older or handicapped patients. Due to its high capacity of 200kg and stable integrated steel frame it is also ideal for weighing very heavy patients.

The Seca 762 Floor Mechanical Scale 150kg has designed with a large, low-level, non-slip platform and large well defined dial designed for everyday use in medical clinics.

The Seca 803 Floor Electronic Scale has designed a general use scale (150kg) with a quality rubber surface and large LCD display.

The Seca 876 Floor Electronic Scale is designed for mobile use (250kg).

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Seca 762 Seca 803 Seca 813 Seca 876  
Capacity and Graduation  150kg - 500gm  150kg - 100gm  200kg - 100gm 250kg - 100gm to 150kg
than 200gm
Functions  Reset to Zero auto-HOLD, tap-on automatic
switch-on and switch-off
auto-HOLD, tap-on automatic
switch-on and switch-off
Mother-Child Function, tap-on automatic
switch-on and switch-off
Power Supply None  Batteries  Batteries  Batteries  


PN762 Flat Scales - Seca 762 150kg Mechanical (Each)  PN803 Flat Scales - Seca 803 150kg Electronic (Each)
PN813 Flat Scales - Seca 813 200kg Electronic (Each) PN876 Flat Scales - Seca 876 250kg Electronic (Each)
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Seca Height Measures and Stadiometer
 Seca Height Measures and Stadiometer small

The Seca 206 Wall Mounted Height Tape Measure is the space saving solution with roll-up mechanism. This tape measure is designed for uncomplicated installation with just screw required to used.

The Seca 222 Wall-mounted Height Measure has been specially developed for wall mounting, this measuring rod is aligned to work exactly to the millimetre from head to toe.

The Seca 213 Stadiometer is designed for mobile use and generally used to measure children and teenagers without the restriction of having a height measurement wall mounted.

The Seca 274 Wireless Stadiometer is designed for mobile use. This system is designed to be compatible with Seca 360 wireless making recording measurement simple.

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Seca 206 Seca 222 Seca 213 Seca 274
Height Range 0-220cm 6-230cm 20-205cm 30-220cm
Mobile or Fixed Wall Fixed Wall Fixed Mobile Mobile


PN206 Height Measure - Seca 206 Mechanical Tape Wall Mounted 0-220cm (Each) PN222 Height Measure - Seca 222 Mechanical Telescopic Wall Mounted 6-230cm (Each)
PN213 Stadiometer - Seca 213 Mobile Height Measure 20-205cm (Each) PN274 Stadiometer - Seca 274 Wireless Height Measure 30-220cm (Each)
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Seca Chair Scale
 Seca Chair Scale small

The Seca Chair Scales are designed to be able maintain the patient's comfort while providing a reliable chair scale.

The Seca 954 has a high capacity of 300kg and is powered by power adaptor and rechargeable battery. The Seca 954 is compatible with the Seca 360 wireless system. Additionally the Seca 954 has some extra functions including BMI and SEND/PRINT.

The Seca 952 has a capacity of 200kg and is powered by batteries.

Both chairs include swivelling armrests, secure wheel brakes and foldaway footrests.

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PN954 Chair Scale - Seca 954 300kg wireless (Each)  PN952 Chair Scale - Seca 952 200kg (Each)
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