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Product Resources
Below is a collection of product related documents in PDF format available for download.

Brochures and Catalogues
Aged Care Catalogue
Hospital Catalogue
Fiab Euro Defi Multifunctional Electrodes 
Examination Room
Exam Room Equipment catalogue
Examination and Diagnostic Equipment
Diagnostic and Exam Instruments catalogue Laryngoscopes Surgical HeadLights & Loupes Gynaecological Products Catalogue
Medical Imaging Supplies
Ultrasound and Sterile Ultrasound Gel Gantry Guard - CT Machine Cover
Medical Holloware
Medical Holloware catalogue      
Medical Carts and Trolleys   
• General Purpose Carts and Trolleys catalogue • Medical Carts and Trolleys catalogue • Laundry and Storage catalogue • Mortuary Trolleys
• Inventory and PPE Trolleys plus other Storage Solutions      
Medication Equipment Catalogue- Including Pill Crushers and Cutter    
Mobility Assistance Products
Aspire Bedside Commodes  Aspire Shower Commodes
Aspire Wheel Chairs
Patient Identification Wristbands
Barcode Patient Idenification catalogue - Including Printers and Barcode Scanners  
Non-Barcode Patient Idenification catalogue    
Patient Identification Supplies
Patient Ringbinders and Nursing Admin Accessories Hospital and Laboratory Markers Medical Medication Labels Nursing Labels and Timetape
Personal Protective Equipment
BetterShield Face Shield PPE, Disinfectants Solutions and Wipes
SureSafe Isolation Gowns
PPE, Disinfectants, Cleaning and Paper Products Overview
Surgical and Operation Equipment      
Surgical Instruments, Electro and Cryosurgical Devices Catalogue Monitoring and Spot Check Devices Sterilisation Equipment and Consumables  CSSD Equipment Catalogue
Callington Haven Hospital Grade Disinfectant      
Ki-San FAQ      
Wall Mounted Storage Unit, Workstations and charging stations    



Product Instructions / Video Links
 Image 5080 how to apply DBH1657 1 Instructions for using SK Pillcrusher 1
Labelband - How to Apply Video (YouTube)  Silent Knight Pillcrusher Instruction Sheet


Magazine Articles and Advertisements
 standards 5 for pub file
Article: "Standards 5: Patient Identification and Procedure Matching", Hospital + Healthcare Bulletin Winter 2014 Edition


NSQHS Standards
 Standard5 Oct 2012 Guide 1
Standard 5: Patient Identification and Patient Matching - Safety and Quality Improvement Guide - October 2012