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Product Resources
Below is a collection of product related documents in PDF format available for download.

Barcode Scanners for Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals
CR1000 CR1400 CR2600 CR4405
Fiab Euro Defi Multifunctional Electrodes 
Examination Room
Chairs, Stool and Step Stool Examination and Procedure Tables Examination lights Scales and Height Measures
X-ray Viewers
Examination and Diagnostic Equipment
Dermatoscope Proctology Sphygmomanometers Stethoscopes
laryngoscopes flyer Surgical HeadLight & Loupes
Medical Imaging Supplies
Ultrasound Gel Gantry Guard - CT Machine Cover
Medical Holloware
Warwick Drinking Beakers Cups and Lids Warwick Compartment and Instrument Trays Warwick Gallipots, Bowls and Kidney Dishes Warwick Sterilisation Products
Warwick Ward Products Flyer
Medical Carts and Trolleys   
CSSD Carts and Tables Dressing and Instrument Carts and Trolleys General Purpose Carts and Trolleys Laundry and Waste Trolleys and Carts
Maternity Bassinet Trolleys and Cots Medication Carts and Trolleys
Mortuary Trolleys Operating Theatre Carts and Trolleys
Procedure Carts & Trolleys  
Mobility Assistance Products
Grip N Assist Gait Belts  Glad TransferX Gait Belt
 Aspire Shower Commodes  Aspire Wheel Chairs
Patient Identification Printers 
Direct Thermal Printer TD2120 Direct Thermal Printer RJ-3150
Patient Identification Wristbands
Label Bands Sentry Speedi-Print & SuperBand Write On wristbands Alert Wristbands & Snaps Vericolour Insert Wristbands
Neonatal & Paediatric Identification      
Patient Identification Supplies
Medical Folders and Binders Markers Medical Medication Labels
Personal Protective Equipment
BetterShield Face Shield
Pill Crushers and Cutters
Pill Crusher Silent Knight Pill Cutter and Pill Crusher
Wall Mounted Workstations
WALL-A-Roo Wall Mounted Workstations
MED-I-Roo Medication Storage Cabinats



 Hospital Catalogue DB1511 1  DB1712 1 Aged Care Catalogue 2013 1 DBH1638 Medical Carts Trolleys Catalogue DBH1628 to DBH1637 1
Hospital Catalogue 2015 Aged Care Catalogue 2015 Medical Carts and Trolleys Catalogue


Product Instructions / Video Links
 Image 5080 how to apply DBH1657 1 Instructions for using SK Pillcrusher 1
Labelband - How to Apply Video (YouTube)  Silent Knight Pillcrusher Instruction Sheet


Magazine Articles and Advertisements
 standards 5 for pub file  Build Australia Advertisement
Article: "Standards 5: Patient Identification and Procedure Matching", Hospital + Healthcare Bulletin Winter 2014 Edition

Advertisement featured in the October 2015 edition of Build Australia - Subscription required to read the entire magazine of Build Australia


NSQHS Standards
 Standard5 Oct 2012 Guide 1
Standard 5: Patient Identification and Patient Matching - Safety and Quality Improvement Guide - October 2012 Fact Sheet: Specification for a standard patient identification band