Mother's Milk NICU Safety Solutions Software

Introducing Mothers Milk EBM Software designed by Rapid Healthcare For use with Code Barcode Scanners and Brother Mobile Printer.

Code, Brother International and Rapid Healthcare have been designing and testing new Positive Patient Identification Software for use with Expressed Breast Milk in NICU.
The purpose of these software and peripherals is to positively match the correct mothers EBM to the correct Infant with “easy to use” software.

Mother’s Milk is a mobile solution developed with caring nurses in mind. Its verification system protects both patients and nursing staff by eliminating feeding errors from occurring inside the NICU. The Mother’s Milk platform integrates into existing Health Information Systems (EMR) and combines patient identification and breast milk verification using the mother-to-infant match functionality. Through secure login verification, administrators can manage users and generate reports for successful, denied, and overridden scanning verifications.
Eliminate EBM administration errors with Code barcode readers.
With Code barcode readers, clinicians can manage breast milk inventory, expiration dates and donor tracking to eliminate breast milk administration errors and improve patient safety.
Feeding a baby the wrong mother’s Expressed Breast Milk (EBM), exposes the baby to potential health risks. Considering the number of feedings delivered and the steps in handling EBM, more and more hospitals are recognizing the need of implementing a positive patient identification workflow to match EBM to both mother and child.
Code has been a leader in developing barcoded solutions to eliminate EBM feeding errors, in both stand alone applications and applications that are integrated into Health Information Systems. By scanning a mother's barcoded patient ID wristband, Code readers can communicate, via Bluetooth, to a printer to reproduce the mother's unique patient ID barcode in the form of a label, for placement on EBM vials in the mother's room. The barcoded label on the EBM vials are then used to manage breast milk inventory, track expiration dates and to match EBM to a baby before feedings to eliminate EBM administration errors and improve patient safety.
Code barcode readers are disinfectant ready, easy to use and read all barcodes, even on curved surfaces, making them the ideal reader for reading barcodes on small bottles and infant wristbands. Additionally, Code readers feature a patented anti-glare technology for reading barcodes on wristbands through an incubator.


Benefits of the Mothers Milk Software combined with Brothers Mobile Printer and Codes Barcode Scanners.

Fast and Convenient
Now printing milk bottle labels and delivering milk from mother to baby can be done from a mobile device and a single solution. NICU wards equipped with the Mother’s Milk solution will see improvements in both security and speed, thanks to the solution’s intuitive label scanning and printing. Nurses save vital time and can feel confident that feedings are 100% accurate.

Mobility and Security
Mother’s Milk is run on a professional-grade mobile platform, assuring maximum performance and scalability. The solution can be fully secured by Mobile Device Management Software (MDM); with each mobile device operable and secure for minimal downtime. As stated above, Mother’s Milk always records scanning information such as time and nurse identification, so that there’s always a verifiable record of each baby’s feedings. Mother’s Milk will also warn you when a scanned milk and baby’s wristband do not match, assuring proper, mistake-proof feedings. With these in-solution features and Rapid Healthcare Inc.’s mobile platform, Mother’s Milk is both empowering and secure.

Easy Scanning and Printing
The Mother’s Milk solution integrates seamlessly with Code Scanners as well as Brother Printers, allowing for fast and accurate label printing and scanning. These hospital-tested peripherals allow Mother’s Milk to be a unified and comprehensive solution. From printing out milk labels to scanning infant wristbands, all of the necessary steps for verification and care are accessible from within one solution.

Mother’s Milk Web Solution
Mother’s Milk is integrated with a custom-built web solution that administrators can use to manage all of the users and verifications handled by the Mother’s Milk iOS solution. The web interface can view baby data, nurse reports, and most importantly verify successful, denied, and overridden scanning verifications. With the web solution, managing Mother’s Milk for an entire hospital is simple and intuitive.

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