LabelBand Wristbands and Labels

Sentry LabelBand® Wristbands
 Label Bands PGS small

» Available in 4 Models - Adult, Adult/Paedriatric, Infant and Mother-Infant Set of 2
» Non-transferable, secure, plastic snap provides maximum security
» Media support text, linear and 2D bar codes, photos and graphics
» Clear adhesive shield provides optimal protection from solvents for accurate and repeatable barcode scanning
» Large label area accommodates both laser and thermal labels
» Soft, smooth, non-abrasive material and latex free
» Water-resistant, durable and strong, yet lightweight and comfortable

Youtube Video Link: How to Apply LabelBand                        Instruction Sheet for LabelBand PDF Download

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  LabelBand Adult PD5080-** LabelBand Adult/Paed PD5090-** LabelBand Infant PD5095-11 LabelBand Mother-Infant PD5096-11 Mother Band LabelBand Mother-Infant PD5096-11 Infant Band
Wristband Size (LxW):  298mm x 31mm  273mm x 31mm  176mm x 19mm  298mm x 31mm  176mm x 19mm
Bands/Box: 500 500 500  250 sets of 2 - 1 Adult and 1 Infant
Max Label: 25mm x 76mm   25mm x 51mm  16mm x 36mm  25mm x 76mm  16mm x 36mm


Product Codes Product Description    Product Codes Product Description
PD5080-11 Labelband Wristband Adult White (Box of 500)   PD5090-11  Labelband Wristband Adult/Paed White (Box of 500)
PD5080-13 Labelband Wristband Adult Blue (Box of 500)   PD5090-13 Labelband Wristband Adult/Paed Blue (Box of 500)
PD5080-14 Labelband Wristband Adult Yellow (Box of 500)   PD5090-14 Labelband Wristband Adult/Paed Yellow (Box of 500)
PD5080-16 Labelband Wristband Adult Red (Box of 500)   PD5090-16 Labelband Wristband Adult/Paed Red (Box of 500)
PD5080-17 Labelband Wristband Adult Orange (Box of 500)   PD5090-17 Labelband Wristband Adult/Paed Orange (Box of 500)
PD5080-22 Labelband Wristband Adult Green (Box of 500)   PD5090-22 Labelband Wristband Adult/Paed Green (Box of 500)
PD5080-23 Labelband Wristband Adult Purple (Box of 500)   PD5090-23 Labelband Wristband Adult/Paed Purple (Box of 500)
PD5095-11 LabelBand Wristband Infant White (Box of 500)   PD5096-11 Labelband Wristband Mother/Infant (Box of 250 Sets)
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Laser A4 Label Sheets for Medical Charts and LabelBands
 14 up Label Sheet

Currently 1 custom A4 label sheet is available with 14 labels which has 12 labels for Medical Charts and 2 Labels for usage on the 5080 LabelBand.
» 12 Labels - 99 x 38mm and 2 Labels 75 x 25mm
» Printed Arrow to show how sheet should be orientated in printer
» Designed for use with Laser Printers.

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Product Codes Product Description      
DBSD9163-11 Label Sheet - A4 14-UP Laser (Packet of 250 sheets)      
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