Neonatal and Paediatric Identification

Product Description Product Use
»Precision® Neonatal and Premmie Wristband Neonatal Patient Identification Wristbands
»TenderCare® Infant Tether Neonatal Patient Identification Accessory
»KangaBand® Wristbands for use with Broselow System Paediatric Alert Patient Identification Wristbands
»Kleen-Print® Disposable Foot Printer Neonatal Foot Printer

Precision® Neonatal and Premmie Wristbands
Precision Neonatal Wristbands SI

The Precision Neonatal Wristband helps meet the special needs of patients in the Labor & Delivery and NICU Departments. Available in two sizes, this moveable ID band offers newborns and preemies the highest quality, convenience, and comfort.
» Constructed of soft, comfortable foam
» Secures with hook & loop Velcro® style closure - No cutting necessary to remove or reposition.
» Blank ID panel accepts handwritten information or label.
» Easily repositioned on wrist or ankle to accommodate IV site changes
» Ensures ID band is present on limb instead of taped to incubator, guaranteeing positive patient identification.

Information Area: 66 x 25mm
Newborn Wristband Size: 135 x 30mm (foam only)
Preemie Wristband Size: 65 x 30mm (foam only)

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PD523-11 Precision Neonatal Newborn Wristband (Box of 12)   PD533-11 Precision Neonatal Premmie Wristband (Box of 12)
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TenderCare® Infant Tether
 PD7780 11 small

» Simple method to access identification tag for swaddled newborns
» Ultra-soft and durable material for patient with sensitive skin.
» Easy application plus tamper evident closure for patient safety.
» Compatible with any wristband and ID tag combination.

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PD7780-11 Tendercare Infant Tether White (Box of 100)      
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KangaBand® Wristbands for use with Broselow System
 KangaBands GPS small

KangaBand Wristbands are available in 9 colours that match the Broselow system. These write-on wristbands feature a designated area to write the patient weight in KG.
» Uses SecurSnap closure to prevent transfer and tampering.
» Each colour is available in boxes of 500 and Multi-Colour box of 500 is available.

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PDKG470-MU KangaBand Paed Wristbands Multi Box (Box of 500) PDKG470-26  KangaBand Paed Wristbands Grey 3-5kg (Box of 500)
PDKG470-12 KangaBand Paed Wristbands Pink 6-7kg (Box of 500) PDKG470-16 KangaBand Paed Wristbands Red 8-9kg (Box of 500)
PDKG470-33 KangaBand Paed Wristbands Purple 10-11kg (Box of 500) PDKG470-14 KangaBand Paed Wristbands Yellow 12-14kg (Box of 500)
PDKG470-11 KangaBand Paed Wristbands White 15-18kg (Box of 500) PDKG470-13 KangaBand Paed Wristbands Blue 19-23kg (Box of 500)
PDKG470-17 KangaBand Paed Wristbands Orange 24-29kg (Box of 500) PDKG470-22 KangaBand Paed Wristbands Green 30-36kg (Box of 500)
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Kleen-Print® Disposable Foot Printer
PD3100 Small

Kleen-Print Foot Printer ensures that ink does not come into contact with baby, mother or nurse.
» Designed with micro-thin film which prints on any type paper stock.
» The foot printer includes 3 panels for Mother's Right Index, Infant's Left Footprint (or palm print) and Infant's Right Footprint (or palm print).

Foot Printer Sheet size: 216mm x 127mm

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PD3100 Kleen-Print Foot Printer (Box of 25)
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