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»Silent Knight Pillcrusher System Mechanical Pill Crushing
»MaxGrind Pillcrusher & Grinder Handheld Manual Pillcrusher & Grinder
»Ezy Dose Original Pill Cutter Manual Single Pill Splitter


New Silent Knight Pillcrusher System
New Silent Knight Machine small 

With the same benefits as the Silent knight Original but with advanced engineering and designed components have been applied to the Original Silent Knight's basic operating and crushing features to create the New Silent Knight.
Added benefits that make the New Silent Knight a powerful, highly effective and durable piece of medical equipment include.
The patented dual action “crushing and grinding” movements of the New Silent Knight result in silent smooth, effortless and effective crushing of pills to fine powder.
» Simple to operate mechanical pill crusher with single use pouches.
» Reduces repetitive injury.
» Purpose designed pouches contains tablet during crushing.
» Pouch provides no-mess addition of fluids for oral or tube feeding.
» Eliminates cross-contamination.
» Portable & sturdy.
» Easy to store on medication trolleys.
» The crusher handle is designed for all hand sizes to fit comfortably.
» User safety is enhanced with the specifically designed internal handle shock absorber
» Contour cover encloses internal moving parts.
» Surgical quality stainless steel crushing components
» Solid aluminum base and handle
» OxiTitan™ coating protection fights against touch contamination.
For a comprehensive guide of administering solid oral medicines to patients who have difficulty or cannot swallow please refer to the Australian Don’t Rush to Crush Handbook


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NS9999a New Silent Knight Pill Crusher w/ 50 pouches (Each)
NS9997 Pouches for Silent Knight Pillcrusher #Rounded Bottom
(Box of 1000)
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MaxGrind Handheld Pillcrusher & Grinder
maxgrind pgs S 

MAXGRIND™ is a revolutionary, high-quality twist pill crusher and grinder featuring an ergonomic, easy-to grip and twist design.
There is no need to unscrew the top to check progress or retrieve medications! Retrieving crushed medication is simplified by the top-down process where crushed medication is sifted and funnelled through patterned slots into the clear, easy-view bottom serving cup.
» Comfortable anti-slip rubber grip.
» Easy dual action crushing and grinding.
» Exclusive top-down crushing into serving cup.
» Free spin, pepper grinder action, delivers fine powder.
» Safe! BPA, latex-free and FDA compliant materials.
» Built-in storage with hinged lid.

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Ezy Dose Original Pill Cutter
Pill cutter small 

» Simple to operate mechanical pill cutter - easily cuts pills in half for easier swallowing.
» Only to be used on 1 tablet at a time.
» Must be washed between uses to avoid cross contamination.
» Not to be used with Enteric-coated tablets.

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AMC67015 Original Pill Cutter (Each)
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