Timestrip VOR12 vaccine monitors

Timestrip VOR12  - Out of Refrigeration Vaccine monitors
DB Health has a new vaccine monitor to help track the status of COVID-19 vaccines once they have been removed from refrigeration
The Timestrip VOR12 monitors how long a vaccine has been exposed to temperatures above 8°C, typically at room temperature. The time ‘run out’ is up to 12 hours, with shorter times to an alert being seen at higher temperatures.
The Timestrip VOR12 also has a 2 hour and 6 hour indicator marking  to help with monitoring the out of fridge time for the life of thawed vaccines under the vaccine storage and handling guidelines.


COVID-19 Vaccine Related Products

With the roll out of the COVID-19 Vaccine, DB Health is pleased to launch new COVID-19 vaccine related products to assist the visibility and control of the processes for staff and patients alike.

On our website, you can now see our new vaccination specific labels or wristbands for screening of patients, proof of vaccination stickers for staff ID cards or records, as well as inventory storage and handling vaccine temperature identifier labels and reusable instrument trays for vaccine administration to help reduce waste and landfill

Contact us about details of our full range of Vaccination control products for your records, your vaccines and your patients.  Look out for more products to come